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The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

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All work and all play (legendado) from Box1824 on Vimeo.

Este vídeo é o resultado de diversos estudos realizados pela Box1824 e é um projeto sem fins lucrativos ou comerciais. Box1824 é uma empresa de pesquisa especializada em tendências de comportamento e consumo.

Escrito e dirigido por : Lena Maciel, Lucas Liedke e Rony Rodrigues
Agradecimento especial : Zeppelin Filmes
Montagem: Fernanda Krumel
Finalização: Bebop Studio

Mais agradecimentos: Desirée Marantes, Juliano Dornelles, Rodrigo Pesavento, Lucas Estorvo Schertel, Daniel Bacchieri, Michell Lott, José Eduardo Lopes Gomes, Renato Davini Santolíquido, Ian Ruschel, Felipe Nyland, Felipe Thomé, Cristiano Arbex e todas as pessoas que nos mandaram sugestões de imagens e trilhas para que fossem usadas no vídeo. A colaboração de todos foi muito importante.

We All Want to Be Young (leg) from Box1824 on Vimeo.

O filme ‘We All Want to Be Young’ é o resultado de diversos estudos realizados pela BOX1824 nos últimos 5 anos. A BOX1824 é uma empresa de pesquisa especializada em tendências de comportamento e consumo.

Este filme possui licença aberta pelo Creative Commons.

Roteiro e direção: Lena Maciel, Lucas Liedke e Rony Rodrigues.

Zeppelin Filmes

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Restaurantes trocam garçons por tablets para agilizar atendimento - Home - iG

Estabelecimentos passam a apostar na tecnologia para eliminar filas e agilizar atendimento aos clientes

Ronald M. Shaich, diretor executivo do Panera Bread, teve uma ideia quando levava seus filhos par …

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

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This was filmed between 4th and 11th April 2011. I had the pleasure of visiting El Teide.
Spain´s highest mountain @(3718m) is one of the best places in the world to photograph the stars and is also the location of Teide Observatories, considered to be one of the world´s best observatories.

The goal was to capture the beautiful Milky Way galaxy along with one of the most amazing mountains I know El Teide. I have to say this was one of the most exhausting trips I have done. There was a lot of hiking at high altitudes and probably less than 10 hours of sleep in total for the whole week. Having been here 10-11 times before I had a long list of must-see locations I wanted to capture for this movie, but I am still not 100% used to carrying around so much gear required for time-lapse movies.

A large sandstorm hit the Sahara Desert on the 9th April ( and at approx 3am in the night the sandstorm hit me, making it nearly impossible to see the sky with my own eyes.

Interestingly enough my camera was set for a 5 hour sequence of the milky way during this time and I was sure my whole scene was ruined. To my surprise, my camera had managed to capture the sandstorm which was backlit by Grand Canary Island making it look like golden clouds. The Milky Way was shining through the clouds, making the stars sparkle in an interesting way. So if you ever wondered how the Milky Way would look through a Sahara sandstorm, look at 00:32.

Available in Digital Cinema 4k.

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Music by my friend: Ludovico Einaudi - “Nuvole bianche” with permission.
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The Sweeping Shadow - Total Solar Eclipse, Nov 14 2012,The Granite, FNQ, Australia. from Colin Legg on Vimeo.

I was fortunate to view the eclipse from “The Granite’ in far north Queensland this November. Inspired by Joe Cali’s short but spectacular footage of the 2008 event (, I sought a high vantage point to capture the sweep of the shadow. Clear views north and east proved difficult to find, so I had to hike an 850m peak the night before and sleep on a rock ledge.

The clip includes 3 timelapses at various focal lengths. The first used a constant exposure, while the latter 2 tracked the light in the final 2 minutes either side of C2/C3, using bulb scripting. Eclipse Orchestrator software managed the light curve, while the cameras were triggered by a custom microcontroller built by Thomas Bethel. Many thanks to Fred Bruenjes and Thomas Bethel.

You can find out more about my eclipse experience here:

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2012 5Point Film Festival Trailer from 5Point Film Festival on Vimeo.

From April 26 - 29, 2012 the 5Point Film Festival will take over your senses, transport you to another place and leave you inspired for adventure. Join us. Visit for more information and tickets.


Avenida Dantas Barreto, 44, Recife, PE.

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